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Ade In Your Life (AIYL) Good Eats Atelier!

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About Me

As a professional chef, each stage of Adé Paul’s life was “….marked by memories of great cuisine” through a series of memorable events in her life, such as family dinners, holiday gatherings, cooking and baking in the kitchen with her grandmother, mother, aunts; and engaging in dining experience of various cultures! My culinary journey and food culture were inspired by the people and places I love most. I try to live simply, eat seasonally, and cook with whole foods. My hope is to inspire a love for amazing food, as well as the courage to try something new!

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Eat To Your Heart's Desires.....

By experiencing culinary indulgence, while having your indulgent meal or cake, and eating it too, without feeling the associated guilt, feeling satisfied without compromising taste. Get quality, flavorsome, nutritious and convenience in one or more of the culinary services offered at Ade In Your Life (AIYL) Good Eats.

AIYL  Change Your Pantry, Change Your Life!

While the “I don’t know how to cook!”, “I don’t have time to cook” or “What! You are hungry again, I just fed you” will never go away, as your chef coach, I will support you in your quest, as you evolve/bud in the way you feel about cooking. I will guide and consult individuals virtually on your cooking journey by helping you recognize and realize that you have the know-how and can create the time to cook delicious, wholesome foods while fulfilling your desire to eat better.

AIYL Good Eats Mini-Cooking Class

AIYL Good Eats mini-cooking class is fun, safe, and where we talk about food.  We share juicy creative food quick-fire tips, cooking hacks, and teach you to be confident in the kitchen. Overall, how to make decadent food choices and have so much more flavor and then some, appetizing, scrummy, and tasty food table talk.

AIYL Prep Meal Chef Service

Customized chef-designed menus and recipes including Mediterranean meals, quick one-pot, one-pot dinners cooked in your kitchen, packaged, and stored in the refrigerator at your home.

Ade of Ade In Your Life (AIYL) Cooking MasterClass (coming soon)

In our annual paid membership virtual cooking MasterClass, where we teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests. With inspired dishes designed for home cooking, you’ll learn how to build elevated courses from appetizer to dessert using everyday ingredients.

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Fresh Cooking

"Your job is to discover the world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"


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Get in Touch

I'd like to show you how food can be an essential ingredient in helping you to transform into a better quality of life physically, mentally, nutritiously.


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